Temple History


Shree Jagdamba Mata Temple Tahakari :

There are numerous Shrines of various god and goddess in Maharashtra. Of which Mahalaxmi from Kolhapur, Bhavani from Tuljapur, Renuka from Mahur and Saptshrungi from Vani are the most renowed divinities, which are the collectively known as “Sadeteen Shaktipithe”. In addition to these, there are many such other temples, of which one is of the vigilant Goddess Shree Jagdamba Mata at Village- TAHAKARI.
Tahakari is a small village located at Taluka Akole, District Ahamadnagar. Surrounding area of Tahakari is called “Dandkaranya Parisar”. It‟s a place which has been made auspicious by the lord „Shri Ram‟.
„Adhala River‟ flows nearby Tahakari Village and Shree Jagdamba Temple is situated at the bank of this river.
The Temple has been constructed by Yadava‟s. It is built using special system known as Hemadpanthi. The entire temple is made with stones. It has seventy-two pillars and five pinnacle and special types of sculptural carvings on the exterior as well interior of the temple.
Inside the temple we get to see an eye- pleasing idol seated on Tiger which has been carved in wood. One of the important peculiarities of this Goddess is that it has eighteen hands which hold various types of weapons. The panorama of “Mahishasrmardiani” is displayed here. In addition to that in this temple, idol of Mahalaxmi is facing toward West and Bhadrakali facing toward East.


Daily Schedule

  • Starting Up The Daily Routine 5.15 am
  • Kakadarati and Abhishek 5.30 am to 6.30 am
  • Holy Food (Nevaidya) 9.30 am
  • Dhuparti 6.30 pm
  • Haripath 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Shejarti 9.30 pm